Build Status

JavaScript already provides a lot of functions, yet every so often there's a need for some additional functions. mindsmine JS makes an attempt at providing utility functions such as String manipulation, Object wrappers, amongst others.



  • Refactored mindsmine.Ajax.request to support Promises
  • Added tests for mindsmine.Ajax functions
  • Added object emptiness check
  • Added function check
  • Added lint support
  • Node 8+ supported
  • Removed gulp dependency


  • Added number of digits counting method
  • Added unique random numbers generator method
  • Added palindrome test, with leniency support
  • Added string equality test, with leniency support
  • Added number check
  • Added polyfill for Array.from
  • Added polyfill for String#endsWith, String#startsWith, String#includes, and String#repeat
  • Updated polyfill for String#trim


  • Added support for modules
  • Added test and transpile framework(s)
  • Updated to a NodeJS based documentation framework
  • Both Node and Browser compatible
  • Node 6+ supported
  • ECMAScript 2015 compliant


  • Wrappers to primitive datatypes
  • Functionality most often used
  • Browser version alone
  • ECMAScript 5.1 compliant